Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When is free speech anything but?

When is free speech anything but?
30 August 2011
Tullahoma, Tennessee

In response to: Do we really need the National Weather Service http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/08/27/do-really-need-national-weather-service/

WOW.  I'm so...I...pffff.  I don't know where to begin. 

I'm so blown away by what some people can say that have a strong outlet for their nonsense.  If there's anything that needs to be shut down, it's Fox "News".  I truly believe there's a point where you lose you right to free speech.  We...AHHHHH.  There's a point when your "speech" becomes malicious.  Sometimes it's because of your ignorance; sometimes it's completely intentional.  Just because the Constitution didn't spell out to a T what its intent was, doesn't mean we can't exploit it to a point when it becomes more harmful that having it.  If I can say all people with dark skin should be rounded up and buried alive and saying it with true conviction, that's not right.  I have something wrong with my brain.  I need to be medically evaluated to see if I'm a safe member of SOCIETY in which almost everyone on this planet lives in now.  If I can't be helped and can function as a member of this society/civilization, I lose certain right afforded to being apart of said society/civilization.  Why bother having LAWS.  Why bother saying murder is "wrong" or something that's forbidden?  We are really missing the point of a lot of things we've established over our existence as a species.

Now I’m not advocating making laws or whatever to take a person’s ability to express their opinion or outlaw saying certain things.  I’m talking about losing your right to do so through certain mediums.  I person can stand in a public place or online with a personal, independent blog and say what they wish – to some degree – but to be allowed to say some things through certain mediums is different.  In this case, this is a NEWS medium.  These people are doing so with the support from a large corporation under the rouse of journalism.  News is not an opinion column.  It’s starting fact.  When a news outlet starts giving opinion, whether in segments away from the main headlines, it grows increasingly dangerous.  More so when you have a viewership this doesn’t do a lot of thinking about the topics for themselves.  Believe it or not, there was a time when what was being reported over the airwaves had to present equal time for multisided topics.  Lobbying took care of that.  Oh, look, big money calling the shots with our news.  Hmmm.  In capitalism, money is in control.  The people with the money generally want to have it where they keep making more regardless of what this means for others.        

We are in some serious trouble if stuff like this can be said and a lot of blind followers take this as something of substance.  It's really becoming painfully obvious a growing number of people have no clue what civilization is and what and how a MODERN functioning state/nation/government works and its function in a society. 

Oh my.  I might be having a stroke right now.  I’m actually having to do controlled breathing right now. 

I'm sorry folks, true capitalism is not a model for the 21st century.  When people were able to live off the land on ALL their own for the most part -- I mean a lot of children didn't survive to adulthood and 40 was old age, and there was a lot of people dying from a lack of the basic elements of human survival -- something like that could work, i.e. paying (more like bartering or trading) for only what you needed.  Our current way of life, it cannot work.  I really think some of these people didn't go to school, or are the greediest people on the planet, or just are not capable of completely thinking through anything.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Melting Sea Ice & My Lack of Posting

So I have completely ignored the whole idea of having an active blog (I still hate the word blog).  It's not as if I have an actually following or readership, but I guess you have to be active to do so.  I meant to post all my rants I get on on here, but that didn't last long.  I was also going to pull out all my archived rants and post them here too for the world to see just how crazy a person can be with their thought process.  Plus, I need practicing writing and putting my thought on "paper" (and to practice proofreading and editing).  Most rants end up on Facebook or as a comment on some website and that's were they stop.  NOT TODAY!  It's time I get back at it and end any future in politics before it starts!  And what better way to kick it back off than with GLOBAL CLIMATE WARMING CHANGE!!!  

Melting Arctic Ice
13 August 2011
Tullahoma, Tennessee

In response to:
Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis
Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog on Rapid Arctic Sea Ice Loss
1962 Exxon Ad

If you're one that doesn't believe in climate change/global warming/whatever-the-popular-terminology-of-the-time-is or don't have an opinion or don't know what to think, you need to look at the data.  I know, data is boring to many, but if you want to have an opinion worth a shit, you must know it.

You wanna know why the weather in the U.S., or more specifically in your neck of the woods, has been pretty screwy the last several months, this is why.  Remember all that flooding?  Things like this are contributing factors.  Montana saw record snowfall and there was/is record heat in the South. A lot of abnormal weather patterns lately. Climate change/global warming means changes in the weather patterns you're use to.  Some places will see more than others.  Some will even be welcomed.  The usage of the term, "unseasonal" increases.

It's more than just a couple of degrees [Celsius] of warming and melting ice. (And as a reminder, just because winter still occurs and even record lows are recorded in some places, it's about the OVERALL GLOBAL temperature.  The Earth is always seeking equilibrium and if it's really cold somewhere, it's going to be really hot somewhere else.  Remember matter is neither created nor destroyed and the planet is on a tilted axis, seasons, blah blah blah.)  Right now we are in a period of climate destabilization.  We certainly haven't been as stable as the weather on a planet like Jupiter, but we've had a pretty generalized pattern of weather for each region on Earth for quite a while now with any changes usually be very gradual (not even traceable over a human lifetime even).  This just means there will be larger swings in weather for some places, and it will be harder to forecast its coming.  The Earth is a HUGE system from the view of one small human on it.  It takes time for it to respond to a given change in the equation.   If you want to talk CO2 emissions, scientists believe there is around a 50-year feedback timeframe before we see its full effects on the global system.  Man, science is so fun and interesting!  I wish someone would have made this apparent when I was growing up:/  Some got close, but...oh look, a squirrel...I wonder if it...oh, Looney Tunes is on!  

The of the main reasons the U.S. has more deniers than any other country is because money controls what we think and do more so than other countries.  That, and we are a little lazier when it comes to news and paying attention to important topics.  Pop culture wins more often than things of actual importance.  But, one can ignore or deny all they want.  The Earth is going to continue on doing what it has done for a few billion years--evolve.  It doesn't need humans (although we have sure given it a helping hand on this go-around).

And what rant on climate gate would be complete without an Al Gore reference to give deniers something easier to talk about!  Al Gored!  *Note: I do not use Al Gore as a source for my climate related references.  Although I do believe he means well and isn't making things up, I prefer to get my data from climate scientists; NOT oil industry geologists, TV meteorologists, political scientists, economic experts or Prof. Glenn Beck.  Al Gore no more than a reporter or educator in this regard.  Just like I will not settle with what I hear on the news or read in some random place on the internet, I go to the source.   

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